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The first time I heard the term 'Alive Day' was in 2004 while I was in Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering from a horrific combat related injury. The combat injured patients would celebrate the anniversary of their traumatic events denoting the date shown as their own Alive Day. I remember hearing the doctors and fellow patients saying, "Happy Alive Day" to other injured soldiers. I didn't really understand it at the time, but I later learned how much my Alive Day meant to me.

Our bodies were broken, our lives changed forever; We needed to fight for tomorrow. We thrived on the horrific memories of the traumatic events we experienced. All we had was a date, a day of fierce survival... We had all beaten the odds and nothing could take that away from us - this is my Alive Day.

Anyone can have an Alive Day. A day that has impacted your life, from surviving a terrible illness, to being saved, returning home safely after patrolling our nation's streets, a near miss while fighting a fire, conquering ones fears, reaching that goal you have worked so hard for, recovering from the grips of addiction, to a new chapter in one's life , our nation's freedom...

You Define It!

Join the brand that celebrates your Alive Day.


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