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My meaning (not Webster's’) of the term "Alive Day" – is the day (Jan 27th 2004) I was wounded in combat and the only reason I am Alive today is because of the calm heroism of Tony Southard and his Ace Ventura driving abilities, fast action of George Barbee and his medics stripping me naked and making sure my "package" was still intact, the incredible surgeon Big Rich Ellison and his forward surgical team listening to me whine over the IV needle, Dr. Ledford and her team in Germany that managed the close calls, and the awesome staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center that got my back to full active duty. For those of you that know me, those aren’t the only reasons I am alive today. These many years have been tough to say the least and after the experts put me back together physically other wounds emerged. These wounds people don’t see and don’t want to see either. These wounds aren’t in movies or shown on Facebook.

These wounds aren’t sexy and cool. You won’t get a hand shake or a free beer at a bar with these wounds. These wounds crushed me, drove me to a darkness unfathomable. I crawled from that dark abyss by remembering my Alive Day, I got that mythical second chance, I need to enjoy this life, it is worth living.

We all have an Alive Day, what is yours?

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Daniel Metzdorf
Alive Day Founder
United States Army, Retired
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